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Zebrands is a disruptive omnichannel retailer of sleep, travel and health & wellness products, offering high-quality products at affordable prices.




Mexico, Brazil and United States



Zebrands offers its sleep, travel and health & wellness products through its online & offline D2C channels, as well as through wholesalers. Zebrands is disrupting a large inefficient industry with its high-quality products and its client-centric business model.

Why we invested

Glisco identified the potential to invest in a leading D2C player given that both (i) the exponential growth in internet penetration was changing consumption patterns, and (ii) through a strong focus on user experience, e-commerce players provided a better service than traditional counterparts, allowing a significant gain in market share. The company’s asset light business model, strong financial performance and its best-in-class management team positioned it to be a market leader.

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