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Javer is the leading housing developer in Mexico.


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Javer is the largest housing developer in Mexico, focusing on social, middle-income, and residential homes. It titles ~15,000 homes per year and has presence in eight Mexican states including Nuevo León, Jalisco, Estado de México, Aguascalientes, and Querétaro. Javer has a differentiated strategy: it is the leader in strategic states, it has an efficient business model that focuses on working capital, as well as a competitive cost structure. It is constantly searching for new land reserves and for growth opportunities.

Why we invested

Javer was led by a solid founder and management team with a long and successful track record in the industry. Additionally, Glisco saw a growth potential, driven by: (i) Mexico’s estimated housing deficit was 2-4 million housing units; (ii) favorable mortgage market organization, with low and middle-income workers having access to mortgages provided by the Infonavit; (iii) efficient, replicable production, and commercial processes; (iv) lower working capital requirements than competitors.

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