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Muncher is the leading dark kitchen chain in Latin America


Dark Kitchen





Muncher engages in the food delivery business in LatAm. The company operates through two business units (i) dark kitchen platform – a tech powered platform that rents asset-light dark kitchens to restaurants and other food businesses, (ii) proprietary restaurant concepts – development and operation of a series of own digitally native restaurants, all of which are operated within Muncher’s hubs.

Why we invested

At the time of investment, Muncher was a proven disruptor in Latin America’s sizeable food-service market worth USD +$250b. It was quickly becoming one of the largest networks of standardized kitchens with over 400 units across Mexico, Colombia, Peru and Brazil. Muncher’s modular approach allows clients to standardize their kitchen spaces, making it easier to expand to new countries and locations, supported by the company’s technology tools that improve quality and generate efficiencies. Additionally, Muncher has a strong management team led by seasoned professionals with experience in different industries, which led Glisco to identify the company’s potential of consolidating a rapidly growing market driven by a changing pattern in consumer behavior.

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